Garden Centre

Marl Pits Garden Centre is proud to offer a comprehensive range of hardy plants including various rare varieties
through to the commonly recognised favourites.

We would like to welcome you to visit us, perched high above the Rossendale Valley overlooking the quaint mill
town of Rawtenstall. We think if it grows well up here at our altitude the chances are it will thrive in your garden.

Unlike the majority of modern Garden centres we are proud to have on hand real experts to help answer
any of your gardening questions. We want you to get the best from our products.


For many people having a lovely garden is a priority, but in the hectic, modern lifestyles that we live,
finding time to keep the garden looking tidy and attractive is difficult. However with help from our team at Marl Pits this
doesn’t have to be a problem. We offer a service tailored to your needs that melts away any of the stress and hard work involved in creating
and or maintaining your ideal garden space. Usually consisting of a fortnightly visit by our team
to keep lawns like bowling greens and boarders
weed free and full of colour whilst keeping shrubbery pruned and tidy. We remove and process all our garden waste.
We offer tree surgery (arboriculture) and landscaping as well.

Contract’s can be taken on all domestic or commercial work. We offer a reliable service that doesn’t have too cost a fortune.
Being affiliated with the garden centre we can offer any products required to help make your garden the best it can be.

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